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How to Talk to Your Children About Their Future Education Options


It’s important to discuss your child’s education options after they graduate.

Many students are excited about heading to college, but they’re not sure about some of the choices they’ll need to make before and after they graduate. If you want your child to succeed as they head toward a career path, then you should teach them about their education options after high school.

We’d like to help you prepare, so we’ve put together some simple tips to get you started:

It Isn’t Just About Location

Many students get their heart set on a specific college due to its geographical location. While it’s certainly understandable that a student may be excited about going to a big city or staying close to home, they may have better opportunities elsewhere. They should always consider a school that meets their educational needs, offers support services, and can be found in a comfortable environment.

Talk about Community College.

Students often believe that they absolutely must go to a four-year university. This is often drilled into their heads for years. The truth, though, is that it may be better for them to start at a community college.

Then, after attending for two years, they can switch to a state university. This will save a lot of money and help them adjust more easily to college life. Plus, they may have more transfer opportunities at the end of those two years.

Be Realistic with Finances

The recent student loan forgiveness plan has been met with a bit of animosity, but it’s also helped people engage in conversation. College can be very expensive, but when you’re presented with a student loan that seems to answer all of your problems, it’s much easier to just sign on the dotted line and deal with it later. Parents need to sit down and discuss the realities of their child’s financial outlook.

Ignore Showy Amenities

Some students are so enamored by certain campuses that they don’t consider the financial burden student loans could have on their lives. Yes, it’s exciting to think about attending a campus with movie theaters and water parks, but it’s not worth the financial impact for most students. Plus, these flashy amenities could curtail the reason they’re attending in the first place—getting a great education.

Suggestions for Extracurricular Activities

If your children want to improve their education options after high school, then they need to broaden their horizons and get involved with outside interests. Explain to them that many people with a perfect grade point average will be trying to get a spot at their favorite university. If they want to stand out, then they need to get involved with extracurricular activities either inside or outside their school. These can include sports, volunteer work, community service, clubs, etc.

Build Their Social Skills

People often joke about how much time our kids spend on their phones. The reality, which we should all take to heart, is that many of our students are hiding behind these screens and not honing their social skills. When they get out into the real world, they need to have certain social skills to survive and flourish. Being part of a Discord server is fine, but you need to get them out of the house and have them partake in real-world activities.

Enroll Your Children at Horizon Charter School

The Horizon Charter School in Tampa and Hillsborough will work closely with parents to make sure that their children are better equipped to achieve their education and career goals. If you have any questions about future education options after high school or about our campus in general, reach out to us at (813) 887-3800 today.

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It’s important to discuss your child’s education options after they…
It’s important to discuss your child’s education options after they…