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How will educational technology continue to change classrooms in charter schools across the country?

Technology in the classroom has already proven itself to be very beneficial to today’s modern teachers and students. Various technologies have made it easier for children to learn than ever before, with online access, laptops, and other innovations.

What we’ve already seen, however, is really only the beginning. Every year, emerging technologies make their way into schools all over the world. Let’s take a look at some examples of what the future of educational technology in the classroom will look like.

Tablets in Classrooms

Mobile devices have become one of the most important pieces of educational technology in the classroom. More specifically, tablets are now the wave of the future. They have similar capabilities as laptops, but at a lower price point. Some classrooms already have tablets for every single student, which is a trend that will continue to grow.

3D Printing Technology

This exciting type of technology is catching on throughout the country and around the globe. Students can learn about design principles as they create the item to be printed and then use that item for a further lesson. While 3D printers may never appear in every classroom, they’ll definitely pop up more often in the future.

Streamlined Lesson Plans

Although much educational technology is geared toward students, many of the available options are geared toward teachers. Various types of software and mobile apps are making lesson plans much easier to create and implement. It also means that teachers will be able to track each student’s progress in a more efficient manner.

Automated Everyday Tasks

Many simple, everyday tasks can be completed through the use of apps that are available on mobile devices. For example, instead of taking attendance the old fashioned way, students can check a box with their name next to it on a tablet as they enter the classroom. Other tasks like copying and stapling worksheets will someday be a thing of the past because everything can be easily accessed online.

Remote Communication

It’s no secret that remote communication has been a huge part of educational technology for several years now. This trend will become more flexible in the future. For example, more classrooms will add Zoom sessions where lectures can be done from anywhere. This also allows teachers to more easily communicate with parents and students outside of the classroom.

Classroom Websites

The idea of every district having a website has been around for a long time, but things are taking a step forward with the use of classroom websites. This is precisely what it sounds like. Instead of being limited to a district or school site, many individual classrooms are creating their own. This allows for a more personal level of communication and information among students and their teachers.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Perhaps one of the most mind-blowing types of future educational technology in the classroom is the use of virtual and augmented reality. These technologies will allow students to be in the middle of a day in history, view foreign cultures right in front of their eyes, conduct virtual science experiments, and have other types of interactive learning experiences. What these two emerging technologies will allow students to do in the future is almost endless.

Grading and Interpretation

Grading websites and applications have been around for a while, but they’re better than ever now. Not only can grading be done with ease, but test answers can be instantly interpreted to allow for faster feedback. This will help teachers identify areas where students have been struggling and can indicate necessary areas of improvement. With the use of this technology, students can now get the help they need much more quickly.

Assistive Technology

It has become increasingly important in modern society to accommodate students with specific physical and mental needs. Every year, new and exciting types of educational technology are used to assist students with a variety of special requirements. This is done with the use of some of the other technologies listed here, such as grading interpretation, augmented reality, and more.

School Safety Technology

With incidents in the news, educational institutions have been clamoring to ensure school safety. Technology is providing us with the tools to make that happen, in the form of emergency alert texts sent to multiple parents at once, the ability to lock all school doors instantly, and more. Even less urgent information, such as weather delays or closures, can be communicated more quickly.

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How will educational technology continue to change classrooms in charter…
How will educational technology continue to change classrooms in charter…