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Fun Learning Activities to Try During the Winter Break!


With the winter break here, try these fun learning activities with your children.

Having your kids home for winter break is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with them and engage with them in ways that aren’t possible during the school year. The problem is that many kids end up sitting around and playing on their smartphones all day instead of being engaged at all. The good news is that there are tons of fun learning activities for the winter break that will teach your kids new skills or allow them to hone existing ones. To help you get started, we’ve put together some of our favorite activities that are both educational and entertaining.

Read Holiday Books Together

One of the most obvious things you can do to continue your child’s education over the winter break is to read holiday books together. This might be a little difficult if they’re in their teenage years, but for younger kids, you’ll find tons of classic holiday-themed books to choose from. This can teach them better vocabulary and pronunciation, in addition to the themes revolving around family values, friends, teamwork, and more.

Investigate Your Family History

If you’re looking for fun learning activities for the entire family, then you should suggest looking into your family’s heritage. Our country is a melting pot of different cultures, religions, countries of origin, etc. A good way to do this is to have your child talk to a few older relatives about the family and what it was like for them growing up decades ago.

Learn History of the Holiday

In addition to learning about family heritage, all your kids can learn about the history of the holiday itself. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or another holiday around this time, there’s always something new to learn. Most holidays have some mixture of myth and reality, though you may want to keep some myths like Santa Claus to yourself for younger kids.

Bake Some Holiday Treats

No matter what holiday you celebrate, there are tons of holiday treats to be found. Even those who don’t celebrate Christmas will often make cookies based on the holiday, including the decorating of gingerbread houses. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach cooking and baking skills that kids can keep with them for a lifetime.

Museum, Aquarium, or Zoo

If you have a museum, aquarium, or zoo on your bucket list of fun learning activities, now may be the perfect time to visit. Since it’s a little cold outside, going to the zoo may be a little more difficult, and some animals may not always be available for viewing, but there will be plenty to see and do there. As for museums, a natural history museum is great, but you can also find ones based in science that have interactive displays for the kids.

Teach Them About Fitness

Although some children may want to hunker down during the winter break and stay on their tablets and mobile phones, try to find an outdoor activity that will get them some exercise.

Teaching them about fitness while running around in a park when it’s not too cold outside is a great way to engage them. That being said, indoor activities such as Switch Sports will keep their blood flowing. If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch, chances are you or a friend have a Wii lying around for bowling, tennis, and other activities.

Create a Winter Art Project

There are so many wonderful types of winter art projects that you can find online or at the store. It can be something as simple as drawing their favorite holiday characters or putting together a holiday-themed gingerbread house. Even if your kid doesn’t think they’re a great artist, this is a wonderful way to engage them during the winter break.

Allow the children to construct something

There are tons of STEM projects that kids can try at home. These projects will teach them about important skills in today’s world, such as robotics, electronics, and computer programming. You can find science kits available at craft stores, department stores, and online. Plus, you can find do-it-yourself, instructional videos on YouTube and other favorite video platforms that will guide your child through some very exciting and fun learning activities for the engineer in all of us.

Horizon Charter School Offers More Exciting Learning Opportunities

Horizon Charter School in Tampa can help your child prepare for their future. If you have any questions about our services, would like more ideas for fun learning activities during the winter break, or wish to enroll your children, reach out to us at (813) 887-3800 today.


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With the winter break here, try these fun learning activities…
With the winter break here, try these fun learning activities…