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How Do Charter Schools Get Their Funding?

Just like other types of public schools, a charter school costs a lot of money to run. In addition to the facility itself, you must pay for teachers’ salaries, school equipment, facility upgrades, and other required expenses.

A lot of people ask, “How do charter schools get funding?” It’s a fair question because, although charter schools are public schools, they often appear to be some type of secondary education. To clear things up, we’re going to take a look at how funding is dedicated for charter schools, along with a basic idea of what can be purchased with the funding they receive.


Many people are under the misconception that charter schools get their money from private donors, but this isn’t true. Charter schools receive state and local funds the same way that all public schools do through the Florida Education Finance Program. There are also two competitive grants—the Planning and Implementation Grant and the Dissemination Grant—that can provide financial aid from the federal government. All charter schools are permitted to apply for each of these grants.

What Services Does the District Provide?

The school district provides several administrative and educational services to charter schools. These include contract management, FTE and data reporting, exceptional student services, test administration services, the processing of teacher certificate data, and information services. The district may charge an administrative fee to cover costs for their services. They may not, however, charge any other fees unless they’ve contracted with the particular charter school.

Do Charter Schools Provide Transportation?

A charter school and school district in the state of Florida, like traditional public schools, will typically make transportation arrangements. Even though it’s not required by law, transportation is not permitted to be a barrier to providing equal access for all students living in the area. Charter schools are entitled to a portion of transportation funds based on the number of eligible students, so it is in their best interests – and the students’ – to spend some of the money on transportation.


This may not be the case for every charter school, however. It’s best for parents to contact school administrators to understand transportation policies and options.

How are Charter School Facilities Funded?

When you start talking about the funding of facilities, you get into a subject known as “capital outlay.” This refers to any funds that are needed for the acquisition, construction, and completion of permanent public improvements. The primary goal of capital outlays is to fund educational facilities so that faculty and students have the tools necessary to achieve educational and social goals.

What Can a School Achieve With Capital Investment?

While there are definitely some limits as to what capital outlay funding can be used for, it’s extremely far-reaching. The term “capital outlay” also means “capital expenditures,” which cover all types of modifications, equipment, accessories, attachments, and basically anything else that’s necessary to improve a school. This includes anything for the classroom or education in general, such as computer equipment, furniture, telephone systems, software licenses, library media, etc.

Does a Charter School Need to Qualify for Funding? 

Another misconception about charter schools is that they’re not under the watchful eye of the school district or any other branch of the government because they’re separate from public schools. However, charter schools aren’t a “free-for-all” where students and teachers can do whatever they’d like. On the contrary, character schools are held to high standards for student attendance, testing, and other educational requirements.

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How Do Charter Schools Get Their Funding? Just like other…
How Do Charter Schools Get Their Funding? Just like other…