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8 Important Reasons to Read with your Children


The benefits of reading with your children

Telling stories to children has been around since the dawn of time. Even cavemen probably enjoyed tales of hunting bison and battling the occasional saber-tooth cat, even though they didn’t have the written word to help them express themselves… Since those days, the importance of reading to your children has become a common part of parenthood. If you’ve ever wondered why story time should be a regular part of your parenting routine, check out these incredible benefits:

Improved Cognitive Development

Cognitive development refers to a person’s ability to think and understand. This involves intelligence, reasoning, information processing, attention span, memory, and other important developmental requirements. Reading aloud to a child helps them make sense of the world around them through the use of words and conjured images. This can enhance their cognitive development, especially at an early age when their brain is like a sponge. They’ll also most likely learn to read at a much faster rate.

Improved Language Skills

Language skills begin to develop in infancy and are essential for a child’s proper development. Therefore, expectant mothers will often read a book to a child in the womb, which has been shown to have positive effects. In addition to basic language skills, reading to your child introduces them to new words and concepts. This will improve their vocabulary and their own reading skills in the future.

Prep for Academic Success

If you want to help prepare your child for academic success, there are few things better than reading to them at a young age. In addition to language skills and vocabulary, they’ll also improve their understanding of phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, and fluency. This will enhance their academic success once they reach higher levels of education. 

Independence & Self-Confidence

When you read to your child on a regular basis, this instills a kind of pattern in them, making them more likely to read on their own. Since you’ve already helped instill in them a variety of academic skills, this can create a level of independence when they start reading everything themselves. They’ll also feel a surge of confidence as they grow and adapt to understand the world from their own perspective.

It Develops a Special Bond

Reading to your children is a great way to spend time with them every evening or even during the day, but that’s just the beginning. Since this activity involves such a personal touch, including the sound of your voice, it can help create a special bond between you and your child. Reading their favorite book or even something as simple as a poem can instill in them a sense of well-being and trust.

Better Concentration & Discipline

The attention spans of children have always been a difficult nut to crack. It’s become even more prevalent since the advent of mobile phones and tablets. This has been shown to increase reading comprehension and give them not only a longer attention span but better memory retention as well.

Improved Imagination and Creativity

Imagination and creativity are integral parts of growing up because they allow kids to engage their brain’s cognitive power in new and exciting ways. When you read to your child, their mind will be forced to create an image in their head in regard to how characters appear and the actions being undertaken. This can lead them to be able to engage with the outside world more and encourage them to think outside the box.

What is the Importance of Reading? Cultivate a Love of Reading!

At least in an academic sense, one of the best things that you can do for your child is to cultivate a love of reading. This will follow them throughout their lifetimes and even help improve their writing skills. If you haven’t noticed, has been taking a backseat as of late. Reading to a child activates the pleasure center of their brain, leading to a point where they associate books and the written word with pleasure.

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The benefits of reading with your children Telling stories to…
The benefits of reading with your children Telling stories to…