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How To Apply

Please review the English or Spanish presentation prior to applying.

2023-2024 School Year- Open for Application

Open Enrollment:

  • The Initial Open Enrollment period for the next school year begins on or about October 15th of the current school year and ends the following January 31st.
  • All completed applications received from October Opening Date through January 31st of the following year will constitute the Initial Lottery Pool.
  • Should the applicants for any given class exceed the available seats for that class, then the remaining applicants will be numbered in order of draw
  • Applicants presenting a completed application after January 31st will be given the next available number on the waitlist.
  • All applicants have an equal opportunity of being selected.

Current Students and Siblings of Current Students:

  • On or about November 1st of each year, each currently enrolled student will be given the opportunity of keeping his or her seat for the following school term.
  • In order to retain his or her seat, the parent of each student must submit a completed renewal form by the specified date.
  • Any student who does not submit a form, or for whom a form is submitted after the due date, will be subject to the lottery in the same manner as an external applicant.
  • Special forms are available for any applicant who has a sibling who is a current student and will be a student for the upcoming school term. These forms must be received during the Initial Lottery Period to be considered as Sibling preference.
  • Special consideration will be given for those students who experience an impact in enrollment due to certain foster care changes, court order custody changes, separation, divorce, serious illness or death of the custodial parent, or moves that result from military orders.

Steps to Enrollment:

  1. Parents complete the online Application. (You may call to request assistance with filling out this form at 813-887-3800, M-F, 8:00am -3:30pm).
  2. You will receive an automated message that your Application has been successfully submitted.
  3. Once your application is received, you will either be notified that your child has been offered a seat, or that your child has been entered into the Lottery Pool.
  4. Families are welcome to attend any open public event held by the school. You are welcome to call (813-887-380) or upcoming dates.
  5. Horizon will continue to fill any open seat until the February close of Enrollment.

*Preferential seating is given to students in the following situations:

  • Children or Grandchildren of Governing Board Members or Employees
  • Siblings of currently enrolled students
  • Active Duty Military or Reserve
  • Children who are displaced due to foster care situations

**Retained Student Seating

1008.25 Public school student progression; student support; reporting requirements…
(a)No student may be assigned to a grade level based solely on age or other factors that constitute social promotion.

Teachers at Horizon Charter monitor students closely and utilize many strategies to ensure that students are ready to matriculate at the end of the school year. Parents of students who are “at risk” are required to meet regularly with teachers and Action Plans are used to promote the best possible outcome. Interventions include, but are not limited to: intensive classes, tutoring, home practice programs, smaller and more frequent reading groups or smaller math groups. Retaining a student is a tool of “last resort” and will only be used when it is clear that a student cannot successfully address the work at the next grade level. Should a student need to be retained, it is strongly advised that they have a different school experience the next school year.

Should the parents of a retained student wish for their child to remain as a student at Horizon Charter every effort will be made to accommodate that parent. To achieve that goal, we will refrain from seating any external candidates until it is determined whether or not that seat will be needed for a retained student.

During times of high enrollment, it may occur that the advancing class will fill all available seats: leaving no available seats for that retained student. Should this be the case, then the student (s) who are advancing on schedule will be deemed to have the prior claim to those seats. The retained student shall be place at the top of the wait list for that grade. In the case of multiple retained students, the seating committee will place the students on the wait list in the order that is deemed most appropriate. Parents will be advised of the situation as soon as possible, and the group will create an alternative plan for the student. Should there be no seat for that retained student, Horizon staff members will support that family in securing an appropriate educational setting.