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The majority of students IEPs can be implemented on our campus. Parents are encouraged to listen to our video presentation for basic information, then ask additional questions of the Admissions Teacher who leads the presentation. Note: Parents are reminded that student goals and objectives are addressed based on consideration of the needs of the student, and the components of our program.

Currently, half of all Certified Professional Teachers at Horizon Charter school are certified to work with ESE students. All of the Administrators of Horizon Charter School are Certified to work with ESE students.

Horizon Charter is able to address the accommodations found in most 504 Plans.

Students may be dropped off at 7:45 in the morning, however school begins at 8:15. Early care is available starting at 7:15 for a fee of $5.00 daily.

Student safety is of primary concern to the Staff and Governing Board of Horizon Charter. Any student who comes on school property prior to 7:45 will be placed in our Before Care program, and a fee charged. Any person, adult or student, on the property prior to 7:15 will be considered as trespassing. Parents may not leave a student on Horizon Charter property unattended.

Pickup begins at 3:00. A courtesy period for pickup extends until 3:30. Any child still at the school after 3:30 will be placed in Aftercare and charged a fee.

Please be aware that at times a parent may arrive slightly after 3:30 (3:32, 3:35) and expect to have this fee waived as they are “Only a few minutes late” For example, a parent may arrive at 3:32 and expect to have his or her fee waived as the are only two minutes late. A parent arriving at 3:32 is, in fact, 32 minutes late. Our courtesy period is 30 minutes long to allow a generous window for pickup. Please be aware of this fact and either time your arrival before 3:30, or be prepared to assume responsibility for the Aftercare fee.

Pick up for early dismissal beings at 11:30 and ends at 11:45.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate requests for a student to return to the building in the afternoons. During pickup, our staff is totally absorbed in ensuring that all of our students make a safe exit from school. Any forgotten items will be held by the teacher for your child to pick up the following day.

Should a family forget and send a child back in to the school after pickup, we will seat that child in the Front Office until the parent can walk in to retrieve the child. Horizon Charter is responsible for a safe pickup of a student from our school to his or her parent. While, as a parent you may make the decision that your child is safe crossing the pickup line, the school does not consider this a safe exit.

There are many great ways to communicate with your child’s teacher. One of the most effective is email, because it allows the teacher to respond to your questions when she is able to best concentrate on your information. You may also request a phone conference with your child’s teacher or you may call the school secretary to schedule an appointment. Please do not rely on your child to deliver a verbal request; we ask that you communicate with us directly in some form.

Student safety is a priority at HCST. Between the hours of 7:45am and 3:30pm your child’s teacher is actively engaged in monitoring students. Student security and safety depend on the teacher’s attention to her class. These times are not appropriate times for a discussion. We ask that you utilize the forms of communication previously mentioned. If the need is urgent, you may direct your request to our office staff and they will be happy to work with you to meet your needs.

Of course! We would be happy for you to eat lunch with your child whenever you find the opportunity. It is not necessary to call ahead, but it is advisable that you make sure of the time your child’s lunch is scheduled.

The Horizon Charter staff tries diligently to monitor students for any learning problems, but occasionally parents come to us from other educational settings with concerns. Speak to your child’s teacher about the situation and drop a note for your child’s file. She will begin the process for you.

HCST has an awesome group of parents! Those wishing to join this group may obtain contact numbers by calling the front office staff at 813-887-3800 and asking for the current contact information.

Any person who is listed on your child’s emergency card is authorized to pick up your child from school. Additionally, if you have an emergency situation and need to have someone that is not listed pick up your child, provide the school with a written, signed, and dated note including the name of the person picking up your child ahead of time, or alternatively, take a picture of a written, signed, and dated note stating the person’s name and email it to [email protected].  It is essential we have the signature of a parent allowing this change. That person should arrive, with picture identification, and can then take the child with them.

o Yes, we recognize that a cell phone is a valuable safety device. Our policy for cell phones is that the phone should be turned off and signed into the homeroom teacher at the start of the school day. The phone will remain locked in a secure location until the student is preparing to leave for the day. No student should have a cell phone or any electronic device on his/her person during the school day.

Students may bring the backpack of their choice, so long as it adheres to the following limitations: 1) No inappropriate or disruptive symbols, words or pictures. 2) No bags with wheels, lights, or music. 3) No stuffed animal backpacks 4) No bags larger than 18in x 14In x 11in. HCST works with students to make the most of each instructional day, so homework is kept to a minimum. As a result of this, we ask that the child carry only: 1) a take-home folder, 2) an independent reading book of his/her choice and 3) a lunch box (if applicable).

Non-Uniform days will be announced by a hand-out during pickup time. If you will check the “Important Dates” section of our monthly newsletter, you will usually find these dates pre-identified.

We realize that situations do arise when a student must be absent for unavoidable reasons other than poor health. If you find yourself in this situation, you should contact Administration at 813-887-3800 or email the Principal at least 3 school days in advance of the absence stating the date the absence starts, the reason, and how many days you are requesting. As the child’s parent, the decision about whether or not the child misses school is your decision to make. The attendance committee only decides if the absence is excused. Any work missed during an unexcused absence receives a grade of zero.



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